GoDRY Stain Remover

shoe stain remover

GoDRY Stain Remover


Product description:

Clean your footwear with our GoDRY stain remover, suitable for all types of footwear including leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, nylon, cotton mesh and more. Available in two sizes, a travel safe 100ml bottle which will clean up to 100 pairs and our collector’s 250ml bottle which will clean up to 250 pairs, both with easy spray application.

Our colourless cleaning solution contains no artificial dyes and is made from natural ingredients which include both jojoba extract and coconut essence and is completely free of any harsh chemicals.


Additional information:

Spray Size Weight Dimensions
100ml / upto 100 pairs 118g 133mm x 40mm
250ml / upto 200 pairs 287g 198mm x 50mm

Product Description

Short description:

GoDRY Stain Remover is a subtle cleaning agent that will remove stubborn staining and dirt. Our shoe stain remover is free of any harsh chemicals and is suitable for use on all colours and materials.

Additional Information

Spray Size

100ml, 250ml

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